Work night!

Just getting some long overdue hobbying done...
Counts-as Trojan - wasn't a big fan of the doofy crane arm so I'm going with a fixed quadpod like the atlas.
Here without the quadpod- the front box will receive another layer of i-beams, then it'll get a roof for the crane to mount on to. I plan on magnetizing the roof assembly so I can use it as a hellhound or a Trojan.
Starting to shave the turret ring of the Russ to make the new roof fit better - so far so good. This particular chassis will be serving triple duty - a thunderer, a destroyer, and a atlas all in one tank. 
Shaving complete
New roof and new engine hatch in place - as of right now, the front cannon mount is glued on - I'm thinking that whole section might get cut off then magnetized so that it looks a little less goofy when it's not serving as a AT tank.
And with the quadpod dry fitted. Decisions decisions.


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