The Kroot and the Tau, Guard etc

This is the Kroot and my tau army they'll be fielded alongside- yes, I know I have a problem. With the new codex, this clocks at just over 15000 points - I only plan on adding a handful of of crisis squads, a handful of breacher squads w/ devilfish, and maybe a few larger suits; otherwise the army is practically done being collected.

Other things I got done yesterday- 
Got all my guard and Kasrkin basecoated - so hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have at least 1 army to TT-standard paint. 
I magnetized up a baneblade chassis I got to be useable as 4 variants of the chassis - all I need to do is get my hands on the shadowsword cannon bitz and I'll be able to run it as every baneblade variant save the stormsword and the stormhammer - I'd need BSI's plasma cannon for the former and 2 more sets of the baneblade sprue sets for that latter.
Today I got these beauties started - a hydra and a salamander for the start of my armored company. Goal is to have both done by the singles RTT this Saturday I'll be attending.


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