I'm Alive!

So, it's been forever since I posted on here - but since I'm reviving an army idea that was shelved around the same that this blog became inactive so I figured you know, why not revive the blog too so this is the Chronicle of an newish are me and my progress and work on it.
So the army I mentioned is my Kroot mercenaries army - I know it's an army without official rules since about third edition, but I feel like now with the increased interest on Kompletely Kroot,  and my own joining of that forum, with the goal of  trying to become an active poster, I thought maybe it was best to revive this blog too.
So without further ado, I have some pictures of the progress I've made on my Kroot recently. Some of these pictures are actually not my own work - they're models I bought off an old friend who does/did totally rad conversion work.
These two pictures and the opening picture are my work, the red ones WiPs I was working on earlier tonight, the green one is one of the last few I painted before I shelved the army all those years ago.
2 of my 20 man mobs, again, those with more then two colors on them are from years ago.
Another 20 man mob, 2 shapers, my Shaman, a krootox, and a hound.
My Shaman - using the classic conversion.

Now for the stuff that's not my work, but I can't help but share because they are so good.
Yeah, he converted up Kroot jetbikers. 
And his vulturekin.
All gorgeous models.

Well, that's everything for right now.


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