Overview of the Muse

So, I figured I'd put this post up to introduce myself to y'all more before I start going hog wild on my armies.

My Name is Jon Kissinger, I just turned 18 today (woo me!), am a junior in Oley Valley Hs, and am as active as real life allows me to be in 40k.

Right now, I'm dealing with my mother dying from stage four terminal cancer, high school bs, and my dad being laid up because he got his right ankle fused up to fix 20some odd year old stress fractures he got while serving 23.5 years in Army Aviation.

On to cheerier topics....

I started playing at about age 8, when my older brother introduced me to the 3rd edition ruleset of 40k, and we played 1k battles, one of us either being orks, marines, or dark eldar, as those were the 3 armies he had starter miniatures for.

Fast-forward a few years, and I fall in love with the Angels of Death, the Blood Angels and Dark Angels. Intrigued by the expansive fluff, I set out to make a Dark Angels army from the 3E mini-dex. After a few years of that, I decided I should branch out into other armies, not just SM. After visiting my home hobby shop, one particular box piqued my interest. Labeled Fire Warriors, I made the first step into the web that is the Tau Empire.

The next army I explored was the Inquisition. after reading BL books, I was hooked. I quickly amassed a large GK force, a good bit of it second-hand, and played that a few times along side my Deathwing army. Unsatisfied with the awesomeness, but vulnerability that comes with playing small, expensive armies like that, I went back to the Tau.

Having only bought one box of warriors and a codex, I quickly snatched up a Tau force that was for sale, making it my own, then playing my first game as Tau against one of the most veteran members of my club. It was fun, and I was hooked on the shooty goodness of Tau.

To bring it all together, I created an expansive piece of fluff, tying each army of mine to the others. After much self debate, I decided I should trade off some of my many SM termies and Gks that I've only ever used once, cutting my armies down to token IG and GK forces, with marines that can be played as DA or BA, and my Tau.

The Real purpose of this blog is to get my fluff out there, and see what y'all think of the musings of a teenage 40k player.



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